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    10 February 2011

    Traffic is the largest source of CO2 emissions in 40% of Dutch municipalities (The Netherlands)

    504 reads One fifth of all CO2 emissions in the Netherlands are caused by traffic and in many municipalities, this percentage is considerably higher. In order to realise local and national climate change...

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    03 May 2011

    Amsterdam carsharing system uses electric vehicles (NL)

    1166 reads Car2go is an innovative car sharing concept marketed using the slogan “the first private public transport”, and one that has already proven successful in the USA and Germany. For users it...

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    13 September 2011

    Road accidents involving scooters on the rise (The Netherlands)

    brain damage. The data comes from Consumer and Safety (Consument en Veiligheid), a Dutch consumers ...

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    14 November 2011

    The Dutch travel more than their European neighbours (The Netherlands)

    2846 reads On average, Dutch people are on the road for 1,5 hours a day, which is 15 minutes longer than the European average. When it comes to commuting, however, the Dutch spend only 2 minutes a day...

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    19 April 2012

    TNO presents app to analyse travel behaviour and needs (The Netherlands)

    predict travel times and travel behaviour. Source: TNO (in Dutch) /internal/admin_news.phtml Photo: TNO ...

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    25 April 2012

    City greenery doesn’t improve air quality

    594 reads A few extra trees in a street don’t improve a city’s air quality. In fact, it can have the opposite effect, according to the findings of a new CROW publication about the relationship between...