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  1. News
    14 March 2011

    Federal Government plans €300 million project against traffic jams (Germany)

    1217 reads The federal ministry of transportation has presented its project plan “road transport telematics 2015”, with which traffic jams on German highways will be reduced. To this end, the federal...

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    28 July 2011

    Number of transport fatalities cut by half since 2001 (Germany)

    289 reads Despite an increase in the number of accidents, last year the lowest number of people died in German road traffic accidents in 60 years. In 2010, 3648 people lost their lives on German roads, 12%...

  3. News
    16 May 2014

    Hamburg launches plans for a more connected city (Germany)

    1130 reads Hamburg is partnering with global networking giant Cisco to become a connected Smart City and improve the quality of life for it residents by enabling greater urban mobility, efficiency and...

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    28 August 2014

    Train stations in Germany to improve accessibility

    1689 reads German railway company Deutsche Bahn is upgrading two train station platforms in North-Rhine Westphalia, making them more suitable for travellers with reduced mobility and additional needs. The...

  5. News
    25 August 2015

    Passau shopping centre installs ‘smart’ parking technology (Germany)

    2726 reads An innovative system for managing parking spaces has been installed in a shopping centre in the Bavarian town of Passau. The wireless magnetic indoor and outdoor field sensors, designed by German...

  6. News
    24 May 2018

    First access restrictions on diesel vehicles to be applied at the end of May in Hamburg

    1181 reads German cities are striving for cleaner air. Now, the City of Hamburg is first in Germany to introduce urban vehicle access restrictions on diesel vehicles. Two road sections will soon be closed...

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    04 June 2018

    City of Munich launches on-demand public transport

    1850 reads The transport company of the City of Munich, MVG, is due to start  a pilot with on-demand ride sharing in its city centre this summer. Twenty vehicles will operate on-demand. Algorithms will...

  8. News
    14 June 2018

    Promotion week against parking violation on cycling and walking paths

    1455 reads   Between the 28th May and 3rd of June 2018, German cities saw a series of activities aimed at raising awareness of the problem of parking violations that disadvantage pedestrians and cyclists....

  9. News
    07 October 2019

    Bielefeld puts an end to free parking in its inner city

    33 peržiūros At the end of September, the German city of Bielefeld overhauled its parking policies, including bringing an end to all of the free parking options in the city centre.   The City Council of...

  10. News
    28 May 2020

    Ground-breaking project makes way for Digital Twins promoting sustainable cities

    using new digital tools, including news sensors, the project can compile high-quality data, on different ...