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    26 February 2014

    Zurich plans to make walking the primary mobility mode (Switzerland)

    3569 reads Through redevelopment of its infrastructure and implementation of its pedestrian traffic strategy, Zurich, Switzerland's largest city, aims to increase the already large number of those who...

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    03 April 2014

    New traffic sign to reduce cyclist casualties at intersections (Switzerland)

    885 reads Although more people are cycling in Switzerland than ever before, accidents involving cyclists continue to be a problem, particularly at intersections. In 2012 439 cyclists were seriously injured...

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    21 May 2014

    Zürich makes tram tracks more cycle friendly (Switzerland)

    4438 reads Zürich's public transport authority (VBZ) is testing an innovative solution to improve safety for cyclists on streets with tram tracks. Bicycle tires being trapped in tram tracks can cause...

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    04 June 2014

    Lucerne trains bus drivers on needs of visually impaired passengers (Switzerland)

    2638 reads Lucerne's public transport company, vbl, is using films, training manuals and other methods to help staff understand the needs of passengers with sight problems when they arrive at a bus...

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    01 December 2014

    Zürich plans transport accessibility improvements (Switzerland)

    3398 reads Zürich’s public transport operator, ZVV, has published plans describing how it will address barriers experienced by people with mobility problems on its network.  The paper is a response to the...

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    02 January 2015

    Basel opens cross-border tram route (Switzerland)

    4713 reads A cross-border extension of a Basel tram route has opened that will take passengers back and forth between the city’s Swiss and German neighbourhoods. Basel is located where the Swiss, German and...

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    30 April 2015

    Popularity of car-sharing increases in Switzerland

    2546 reads Switzerland's only nationwide car-sharing operator, Mobility Cooperative, has announced that its membership has grown to over 120 000 customers- a rise of 7.4 per cent since last year....

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    23 July 2015

    Geneva reduces ticket prices to combat pollution (Switzerland)

    2298 reads Geneva will begin to offer temporary reductions on tickets to encourage  use of the city's public transport network and reduce air pollution. This was spurred after higher than normal levels...

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    07 August 2015

    EU fuel cell bus project reaches important milestone in Switzerland

    4267 reads Five fuel cell buses operating in Switzerland as part of a European mobility project have travelled a total of 1 million kilometres, proving the suitability of hydrogen and fuel cell buses for...

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    30 June 2016

    Autonomous buses begin testing in Sion (Switzerland)

    2301 reads Two autonomous shuttle buses began carrying passengers in the district of Sion last week, as part of a two-year research project to test and improve traffic and fleet-management algorithms. The...