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    20 December 2010

    Fuel savings of more than 300,000 Euros per year in Ibi (Spain)

    313 reads The city of Ibi aims to save €330,000 by implementing a sustainable urban mobility plan. The city of Ibi, with a population of 24,100 inhabitants aims to save €330,000 by implementing a...

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    20 December 2010

    Christmas bus” in Madrid (Spain)

    313 reads The “Christmas bus (Bus de la Navidad) is a special service operating in Madrid, which tours the decorated and illuminated city centre streets. The “Christmas bus” is a special Christmas bus...

  3. News
    24 December 2010

    Move Green” awards in Madrid (Spain)

    224 reads Through the awards “Múevete Verde” (Move Green) the city of Madrid distinguishes the best initiatives which promote sustainable mobility in town. The priority of the city of Madrid is the creation...

  4. News
    01 February 2011

    First interoperable rail link opens between Iberian peninsula and France

    323 reads A new railway section linking the Spanish and French networks opened thanks to about 70 million euros in European Union funding. The 44.4 km Perpignan-Figueras railway section is suitable for both...

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    01 February 2011

    Survey explores what public really want from public transport (Spain)

    290 reads New research has explored public expectations of public transport. Surveys of Spanish citizens revealed that existing bus users have different expectations of transport quality compared to non- or...

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    09 February 2011

    150 km new bicycle lanes helps to reduce CO2 emissions (Spain)

    477 reads In the region of Andalucía, 150 km new bicycle lanes will be constructed and 20 existing lanes improved which is predicted to reduce CO2 emissions in the region by 47.438 tons per year. Thanks to...

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    10 February 2011

    Forum Ambiental opens the 9th edition of the Sustainable City” competition (Spain)

    323 reads Until April 15th 2011 municipalities of more than 5.000 inhabitants in Spain can enter their sustainable projects to be judged in the Spanish sustainable city competition “Premio Ciudad Sostenible...

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    11 February 2011

    Why not rent a hybrid car? (Spain)

    509 reads Due to subsides available through the strategic plan of the Institute of Diversification and Energy Saving, the cost of renting of a hybrid car is on average only 2% higher than the cost of...

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    11 February 2011

    Financial support for sustainable urban transport plans in the Valencia region (Spain)

    339 reads The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (Conselleria de Infraestructuras y Transporte) has allocated €757.000 over the next 12 months to actions which aim at reducing energy consumption in...

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    24 February 2011

    Twitter on mobility inaugurated in the city of Terrassa (Spain)

    the city of Terrassa has opened a specific Twitter for mobility and transport news, information and ... information. In addition to transport news and incidents, citizens and visitors to Terrassa are kept...