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    03 May 2011

    PrimoveCity the next generation of zero emission electric mobility

    538 reads Bombardier has announced the launch of BOMBARDIER PrimoveCity, its new e-mobility solution, together with the establishment of a new centre of competence to enable the next generation of electric...

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    07 December 2010

    New website to identify greener and more efficient vehicles

    336 reads The European Commission has launched an easy-to-use website to help public authorities and anyone who cares about the environment choose the cleanest and most energy-efficient vehicles available:...

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    08 December 2010

    New call for tender: The continuation of the transport research knowledge centre

    information: ... :HTML Source: DG Mobility and Transport Newsletter- 2 December 2010 Europe...

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    21 December 2010

    Drugs more prevalent than alcohol in many road crashes

    262 reads The incidence of drugs among drivers injured or killed in road accidents is in the range of 14% to 17%, according to a new report published by the International Transport Forum, a transport think...

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    21 December 2010

    Solar energy: A realistic option for transport?

    803 reads As the Cancun talks progress, individuals, companies and governments around the globe continue to apply creative technologies to reduce the use of fossil fuels. While researchers explore renewable...

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    14 December 2010

    Market support for clean and energy-efficient vehicles

    ;format=HTML&aged=0&language=EN&guiLanguage=en. Europe-wide Clean and energy-efficient vehicles ...

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    05 January 2011

    Results of Eurotest’s Pedestrian Crossings Assessment 2010

    439 reads One in five pedestrian crossings failed this year's EuroTest assignment, the worst result since testing started in 2008, highlighting the need for urgent improvements. The EuroTest Pedestrian...

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    22 December 2010

    UITP new document on security in public transport

    443 reads A new report identifies the main issues related to public transport security and outlines security’s central role in making public transport safer and mode of choice for travelers. The Security...

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    23 December 2010

    GTZ module on Parking Management: A Contribution Towards Liveable Cities〈=en Europe-wide Walking and cycling ...

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    24 December 2010

    GTZ module on Urban Freight in Developing Cities〈=en Europe-wide Urban mobility planning ...