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Resultados de la búsqueda

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    07 November 2018

    SUMP ambassadors share their knowledge of SUMP implementation

    1677 reads CIVITAS PROSPERITY has released new interviews with SUMP ambassadors who describe the measures they have developed to implement exemplary sustainable urban management plans. The SUMP ambassadors...

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    17 June 2019

    Final Report Civitas Prosperity "Supporting local and national authorities to improve the quality and uptake of...

    770 reads The H2020 financed SUMP project PROSPERITY that supports local and national governments to improve the quality and take-up of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans is in its final months.  The final...

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    19 March 2020

    New Mobility Hub Guidance published

    16 odsłon There is still significant political and social resistance to losing the space which is currently allocated to private cars. One strategy to overcome such reluctance can be to provide enhancements...