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  1. News
    03 February 2011

    Mini and midi buses operating in Poznan (Poland)

    222 reads Following a pilot phase, mini and midi buses are replacing regular bust stock in Poznan, Poland Since September 2010 Poznan's public transport authority have been trialling the use of mini...

  2. News
    16 February 2011

    Safer public transport in Lodz- almost 1300 cameras on duty (Poland)

    424 reads It is now going to be safer when travelling in Lodz with the public transport cooperation investing €1 million on installing 1264 video cameras on buses, trams and stops this year. The public...

  3. News
    14 February 2011

    Poznan supports ecodriving” (Poland)

    231 reads A computer simulation available on the internet allowing people to test their eco-driving behaviour has been launched by the town of Poznan and the Polish Agency of Driving Education. On the...

  4. News
    23 February 2011

    Solarisis working on its first electric bus (Poland)

    285 reads The Polish company “Solaris Bus & Coach” has secured EU funding to begin working on a prototype for its first fully electric bus. Batch manufacturing is planned to start in 2013. The first...

  5. News
    16 March 2011

    Pollution pricing as a solution to solve the smog problem in Krakow (Poland)

    1694 reads Pollution pricing- taxing cars according to the level of polluting emissions they produce- may be a solution to Karkow's smog problem. Smog appears in Krakow mostly during Autumn and Winter...

  6. News
    26 April 2011

    Wroclaw transportation history exhibition (Poland)

    425 reads The Municipal Museum and Wroclaw’s transportation company (MPK) aim to host an exhibition detailing the history of its public transport facilities, in 2012. As part of a wider campaign Let's...

  7. News
    10 June 2011

    Metropolitan railway to Gdansk Airport launched (Poland)

    421 reads A new railway connection from Gdansk and Gdynia to the Walesa Airport in Gdansk has been launched. Walesa Airport in Gdansk is located West to Tri-City- unified urban area of Gdansk, Sopot and...