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  1. Glossary
    18 September 2015


    Definition – Assessment refers to the act of judging the value, quality or importance of something. Relevance to SUMP – The term assessment is used in different contexts in relation to mobility planning....

  2. Glossary
    18 September 2015


    Definition – An authority is a person or organisation having political or administrative powers, controls and responsibilities. Relevance to SUMP – Local public authorities, such as a city, county or...

  3. Glossary
    18 September 2015

    Capacity building

    Definition – Capacity refers to the ability of an organisation to undertake the tasks for which it is responsible, expressed in terms of its: (i) human resources: their number, skills experience; (ii)...

  4. Glossary
    18 September 2015


    Definition – A citizen is a legally-recognised subject of a nation, region or municipality. More generally the term is used to refer to an inhabitant of a particular town or city. Relevance to SUMP –...

  5. Glossary
    18 September 2015


    Definition- In the context of SUMP, the term measure refers to a policy, campaign or project that is implemented to contribute to the achievement of the SUMP’s objectives and targets. The term “policy...

  6. Glossary
    18 September 2015


    Definition – Procedure selected to approach a research or planning task. Relevance to SUMP – The term method is used to distinguish between alternative approaches that can be applied at certain stages of...

  7. Glossary
    18 September 2015


    Definition – The differentiation between the terms accessibility and mobility is useful in the context of policy development. Mobility is defined as the potential for movement and the ability to get from...

  8. Glossary
    21 September 2015


    Definition – Policy refers to a coherent set of ideas, proposals and measures addressing a particular situation or problem of a group of people, a business organisation, a government or a political party....

  9. Glossary
    21 September 2015


    Definition – A stakeholder is an individual, group or organisation that is affected by a proposed plan or project or that can affect the proposal and its implementation. This includes the general public ...

  10. Glossary
    21 September 2015


    Definition – A plan of action, comprising a combination of measures, designed to meet specified objectives. The selected measures should reinforce one another in meeting the objectives and overcoming...