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    02 February 2015


    the conference a milestone on the way to COP21 in Paris in December 2015.  This event, that will ... Collective passenger transport Urban freight/city logistics http://www.codatu2015.org/en ... ...

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    08 June 2015

    Smile in the City

    1055 reads Language English Public transport is called upon to change, both from the inside and in relation to the external trends affecting its socio-economic environment. On the one hand, public transport...

  3. Event
    27 November 2014

    2014 Annual Polis Conference

    planning 2014 Annual Polis Conference http://www.polisnetwork.eu/events2/polisconference/2014conference ...

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    22 January 2015

    Planning Tomorrow's Smart City

    Language English 907 reads Turning Plans Into Reality English Numerous cities world-wide are thinking of, or have written Integrated Mobility Plans (IMPs). The objective of this seminar is to share best...

  5. Event
    14 October 2014

    CODATU Seminar

    urban public transport between these two events to: Remind the role that can be played by urban ...

  6. Event
    09 October 2014

    International Conference: Climate Change and Transport

    Language English 549 reads English Organised by: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research Conference Topics: GHG mitigation in surface transport GHG...

  7. Event
    23 October 2014

    Baltic Sea Region advancing towards Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

    included in the Gdynia Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. The event is targeted especially at Baltic Sea ... http://www.bsr-sump.eu/event/baltic-sea-region-advancing-towards-sustainable-urb... ...

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    26 November 2014

    PUMAS: Institutional Cooperation in urban and regional mobility

    http://pumas.fernuni-hagen.de/events/232?c=1 Michael Christian LAUBENHEIMER ...

  9. Event
    21 October 2014

    Sustainable urban mobility planning: a tool for achieving better quality of life in European cities

    Language English 1537 reads English The event is organised in the framework of the BUMP- Boosting ... Commission. The official languages of the event are Bulgarian and English and a simultaneous...

  10. Event
    06 November 2014

    Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning: Smart Transport, Sustainable and Healthy Cities

    Language English 2042 reads English The event is organised in the framework of the BUMP- Boosting ... Commission. The official languages of the event are Hungarian and English and a simultaneous...