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  1. Event
    09 December 2010


    Language English 1782 reads Creating ch2allenges The following topics will be discussed: Economical and ecological H2 challenges for Rotterdam, Hydrogen Chains and potentials for Rotterdam Hydrogen...

  2. Event
    23 February 2011

    Fuel Cells and Energy Efficiency: Advancing The Debates On The Market Uptake

    Language English 1821 reads English This workshop will discuss the question of efficiency of fuel cell technologies, focusing on both transport and stationary applications. With energy efficiency at the top...

  3. Event
    24 February 2011

    Sustainable transport as marketing element for tourist destinations

    1574 reads Language English BIOSIRE International Workshop English The fourth and last Biosire International Workshop will be dedicated to Sustainable transport as marketing element for tourist destinations...

  4. Event
    15 June 2011

    Clean Fuels, Clean Vehicles, Clean City

    793 reads Language English English BIOSIRE, CIVITAS ARCHIMEDES and CIVITAS VANGUARD invite you to Donostia-San Sebastián for a conference about the practical deployment of clean vehicles and fuels...

  5. Event
    13 April 2011

    Conference on Future Transport Fuels

    Language English 391 reads English Within the framework of this year\'s European Union Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), the European Commission will organise a Conference on Future Transport Fuels...

  6. Event
    26 May 2011

    The European Electric Vehicles Conference 2011

    more information on the event. Belgium Brussels 26 May 2011- 01:01 Clean and energy-efficient vehicles ...

  7. Event
    08 April 2011

    ENERDAY 6th Conference on Energy Economics and Technology

    customers with electricity, natural gas, drinking water and district heat is also a sponsor of the event ...

  8. Event
    29 June 2011

    TROLLEY Marketing Symposium

    Marketing Symposium and the registration form at www.trolley-project.eu. The event is free of charge, but ...

  9. Event
    30 November 2011

    E-Mobility: Future Growth of EVs 2011

    774 reads Language English Roadmap to Grid Stability – Overcoming Barriers English Key topics include Current & Future Global E-Mobility Developments EV Policy & Regulatory Frameworks Value of...

  10. Event
    06 October 2011

    Greencities 2011

    director of events ...