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    03 December 2010

    Road transport: Better enforcement of social legislation

    230 reads The European Commission published its biennial report on the implementation of EU rules in Member States of working time, driving hours, breaks and rest periods of professional drivers of goods...

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    14 December 2010

    Bucharest aims to develop a pedestrian highway” (Romania)

    be designed. Source: Romania Walking and cycling ...

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    15 December 2010

    Free public transportation in Krakow and Poznan (Poland)

    243 reads Due to extreme winter conditions on the roads of Poland, municipalities of two large polish cities decided to make all local public transportation free of charge for one day, in order to free up...

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    23 December 2010

    GTZ module on Parking Management: A Contribution Towards Liveable Cities

    902 reads Parking controls and pricing are transport demand management measures implemented frequently by local authorities, yet little academic literature is available on the success of these measures. To...

  5. News
    06 January 2011

    Nice to launch an electric car-sharing scheme (France)

    423 reads In April, 2011, the urban community of Nice-Côte d Azur will launch a 100 % electric car-sharing scheme. The scheme will consist of more than 200 cars, spread over 70 stations in Nice, Saint...

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    12 January 2011

    Parking charges donated to Human Rights charity in Graz (Austria)

    351 reads The city of Graz, European city of Human Rights has allocated €15,000 euro via an innovative human rights initiative. On the 10th December, the city donated a significant proportion of parking...

  7. News
    28 January 2011

    Poznañ to pilot cycle hire scheme (Poland)

    1087 reads The Board of City Transportation (ZTM) in Poznan (west Poland) is piloting a potential of automatic bike hire points. The pilot will target students and staff members at the University of Poznañ ...

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    28 January 2011

    Utrecht introduces electric taxis (The Netherlands)

    356 reads A pilot project involving electric taxis has recently begun the city of Utrecht. Prestige Taxi has invested in 40 electric vehicles and charging stations. During the pilot project several studies...

  9. News
    04 February 2011

    Scotland’s first public bike hire scheme launched in Dumfries

    363 reads Scotland’s first public bike hire scheme, Bike2Go was recently launched in Dumfries in a bid to mimic the success of similar initiatives across Europe. Under the Bike2Go scheme, 30 bikes have been...

  10. News
    01 February 2011

    Cycling along Barclays Cycle Superhighways is on the up (UK)

    central London.” Full story and further details at Transport for London news United Kingdom Walking and ...