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  1. Event
    02 June 2015

    Velo-city 2015 Nantes

    2933 reads Language English Cycling: Future Maker English European Cyclists’ Federation’s Velo-city series of conferences is widely considered as the premier international planning conference on cycling....

  2. Event
    05 December 2016

    Training on travel information design, signage and wayfinding

    https://efficy.uitp.org/onlinereg/?e=4415&ext=1&p=-1&rk=online http://www.uitp.org/events/training-travel-information-design-signage-and-wayfin... External ...

  3. Event
    19 October 2017

    “Active Travel for Healthy Cities” workshop

    liveable public space will be presented by European cities. The event is being organised by Polis network ...