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    10 January 2014

    First electric buses go into service in London (UK)

    1180 reads A trial of two electric buses is taking place in London, as progress continues towards greening the city's bus fleet. London's first buses run solely on electricity began a trial...

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    29 January 2014

    Wireless charging buses begin operation in Milton Keynes (United Kingdom)

    780 reads Named ‘the world’s most demanding electric bus route’, the buses will be monitored for five years in the hopes of expanding electric bus provision to all routes in the town. From 19 January 2014,...

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    16 May 2014

    Eco-friendly car sales gather pace in the United Kingdom

    1185 reads New figures showing a rise in the number of electric and hybrid cars sold in the UK were released days after the British government committed half a billion pounds towards the development of...

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    19 August 2014

    Trials begin of battery-powered train (United Kingdom)

    1567 reads Network Rail, which owns and operates the UK's rail infrastructure, has begun on-track trials of its first battery-powered train. It is hoped that the trials could be the starting point for...

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    23 December 2014

    300 low emission buses to roll out in London (United Kingdom)

    1986 reads Transport for London (TfL) has announced that 300 low emission buses will be introduced into the London public transport fleet before the end of 2014. The new buses make up almost half of the 700...

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    13 July 2015

    Electric double-decker bus set for London debut (UK)

    1809 reads London will enter into service the world’s first all-electric double-decker bus later this year, according to the English capital’s mayor. Mayor Boris Johnson made the announcement as he hosted...

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    28 August 2015

    England to trial ‘electric highway’ technology (UK)

    3623 reads England’s road network manager, Highways England, has announced that it will test technology that could power electric and hybrid vehicles as they travel on major roads in the country. If...

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    07 March 2016

    Nottingham to help citizens cut carbon emissions (UK)

    1766 reads The city of Nottingham is to develop a variety of schemes during 2016 and 2017 to help citizens from the suburb of Sneinton to cut their carbon emissions.  Nottingham is a partner in the...

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    09 September 2016

    London unveils first fully electric bus routes for city centre (UK)

    552 reads London’s mayor and public transport operator have jointly announced that the city will own Europe’s largest fleet of electric buses, as they revealed the first two all-electric bus routes for...

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    06 January 2017

    New e-buses roll onto Nottingham’s roads (UK)

    1803 reads The city of Nottingham in England now has one of Europe’s biggest all-electric bus fleets following the introduction of a number of new electric vehicles onto its roads last month. Nottingham...