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    10 January 2014

    First electric buses go into service in London (UK)

    1180 reads A trial of two electric buses is taking place in London, as progress continues towards greening the city's bus fleet. London's first buses run solely on electricity began a trial...

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    20 January 2014

    Buses given priority in Manchester city centre (United Kingdom)

    768 reads Major overhauls of roads in central Manchester will support the creation of a zone reserved purely for buses. Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) will begin the process of transforming areas...

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    29 January 2014

    Wireless charging buses begin operation in Milton Keynes (United Kingdom)

    780 reads Named ‘the world’s most demanding electric bus route’, the buses will be monitored for five years in the hopes of expanding electric bus provision to all routes in the town. From 19 January 2014,...

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    06 February 2014

    New Welsh legislation accommodates walking and cycling (United Kingdom)

    1151 reads This unique new policy will require local governments and highway agencies to make provisions for pedestrians and cyclists, to bolster active travel in Wales. The Welsh government passed the...

  5. News
    06 February 2014

    Plans are unveiled for futuristic cycling infrastructure in London (United Kingdom)

    1124 reads Architecture firm Foster and Partners have proposed suspended cycle ways above railway lines, separating cyclists from other traffic. Citing a desire to provide more options for commuters on...

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    25 February 2014

    Applications now being accepted for BUMP training sessions in the UK

    785 reads Local authorities in England and Wales can sign up to take part in BUMP training sessions, which will take place from April to July. Local authorities across England and Wales are invited to sign...

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    24 February 2014

    London's bike hire scheme improves users' health (United Kingdom)

    1091 reads The potential for injury and harm from air pollution are outweighed by increased physical activity when cycling around the British capital. The bike hire scheme in London (United Kingdom),...

  8. News
    10 March 2014

    Edinburgh to introduce bus priority system to speed up journeys (United Kingdom)

    895 reads A system that will lessen traffic congestion by switching traffic lights from red to green for the Scottish capital's buses has been approved by the city council. The system is a combination...

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    24 March 2014

    Great Queen Street development in London delivers safer environment for pedestrians (United Kingdom)

    1220 reads Four years on from the opening of the Great Queen Street development in central London, a better division of space between vehicles and pedestrians has been achieved, drastically improving the...

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    30 April 2014

    London lane rental scheme cuts roadwork disruption (United Kingdom)

    876 reads A new study into London’s Lane Rental scheme shows that, since its introduction, severe disruption caused by planned roadworks has been cut by 46 per cent on the capital’s busiest roads, reducing...