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    30 January 2014

    Paying by SMS on public transport increasingly common in Flanders (Belgium)

    698 reads Flanders' system of paying for bus tickets by SMS, which began in 2007, is going from strength to strength. Paying for bus or tram tickets by SMS is on the rise in Flanders. Over the last...

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    24 February 2014

    Brussels aims to reduce traffic congestion in the city centre (Belgium)

    3591 reads To improve its reputation with both residents and visitors, new measures have been proposed to cut down Brussel's notorious traffic. The Belgian capital's new mayor, Yvan Mayeur, is...

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    18 March 2014

    European Parliament meeting to discuss electrification of transport in Europe

    1217 reads A meeting on the promotion of electrified transport will take place on 19 March 2014 at the European Parliament in Brussels (Belgium), where experiences from the Canadian region of Quebec will be...

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    12 June 2014

    Dramatic increase in use of public bikes in Flanders (Belgium)

    932 reads Journeys made using Flanders Blue Bikes, located at over 40 railway stations in cities and towns across the Belgian region, saw an impressive increase in 2013. More than 32 000 journeys were made...

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    21 August 2014

    Brussels grants free parking to shared cars (Belgium)

    1384 reads Vehicles from car-sharing companies Cambio CarSharing and Zen Car will be exempt from parking charges in the Belgian capital from September. Drivers of the two shared-car providers will receive...

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    05 September 2014

    New minibuses for handicapped passengers in Brussels (Belgium)

    1332 reads STIB-MVIB, the public transport operator for Brussels, has purchased 12 new minibuses for transporting passengers with disabilities safely and comfortably. The new buses replace a previous fleet...

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    18 September 2014

    Liége encourages walkers and cyclists to co-exist (Belgium)

    1333 reads A new network of signs along Liége’s narrow riverbank routes has been installed to raise awareness of potential collisions between pedestrians and cyclists. The banks of the Meuse are popular...

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    29 September 2014

    New electric bicycle campaign launched (Belgium)

    1496 reads A campaign funded by the Flemish government hopes to encourage more commuters to use pedelecs (electric bicycles) rather than cars for getting to work.   Launched by Beglian mobility NGO Mobiel...

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    30 September 2014

    Cyclists map Antwerp’s air pollution (Belgium)

      For more information, read Science for Environment Policy’s News Alert.   Photo: Jim Killock   Belgium ...

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    08 December 2014

    Brussels unveils new city centre mobility plan (Belgium)

    4096 reads The City of Brussels has agreed on a new mobility plan that will transform the way traffic flows around its streets and create one of the biggest car-free areas in Europe. The new pedestrian area...