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    23 September 2014

    Housing type has an influence on traffic noise effects

    Policy, Issue 320. To subscribe to this News Alert, click here. Report: Babisch, W., Swart W., Houthuijs, ...

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    06 January 2014

    Oslo's commitment to sustainable mobility highlighted in new research (Norway)

    1002 reads Coordination of land management and transport planning policy areas responsible for the city's sustainable development. The Norway-based Institute of Transport Economics has conducted an...

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    03 January 2014

    How do buses represent democracy in action?

    931 reads The former Mayor of Bogotá (Colombia), Enrique Peñalosa, recently gave a talk about the revolutionary changes he worked to institute during his term between 1998 and 2000. One aspect of this was...

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    21 January 2014

    Emissions-free urban freight company Cargohopper expands to Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

    2905 reads Already operating in two other Dutch cities, Cargohopper will be delivering goods in the Netherlands' largest city from January. A new way of transporting goods is spreading across the...

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    07 January 2014

    Sofia takes delivery of brand new trams (Bulgaria)

    1980 reads The trams, which were manufactured in Poland, will begin operating from January 2014. Bulgaria’s capital has received four new trams ready to go into operation this year. The trams, built by...

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    08 January 2014

    The Hague's public transportation system the most sustainable in the Netherlands

    1553 reads A study combining different sets of data shows that The Hague's bus system is more sustainable than its counterparts in other Dutch cities. The Hague has the most sustainable public...

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    02 January 2014

    Electric car sharing in Milan (Italy)

    2322 reads A new electric vehicle car sharing scheme will see the installment of 270 charging stations in Milan and the Lombardia region in Italy, facilitating the use of the innovative vehicles. The new...

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    14 January 2014

    Barcelona aims to rationalise bus network (Spain)

    770 reads Seeking to move on from routes inherited from the last century, Barcelona is planning a radical redesign of its bus routes. Barcelona's bus network inherited most of its routes from the trams...

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    08 January 2014

    Urban mobility an issue for European citizens

    1519 reads Four in ten Europeans experience problems with urban mobility, a new European Commission survey shows. Air pollution, congestion and travel costs are among the biggest mobility issues for EU...

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    10 January 2014

    First electric buses go into service in London (UK)

    1180 reads A trial of two electric buses is taking place in London, as progress continues towards greening the city's bus fleet. London's first buses run solely on electricity began a trial...