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  1. Case study
    22 September 2011

    Canton of Zug (Switzerland): Sustainable leisure trips

    1876 reads Walking and cycling Intermodality Mobility management Switzerland Canton of Zug measures- awareness raising measures- campaigns user groups- commuters MM for cities & Regions MM for touristic...

  2. Case study
    27 March 2007

    Smart Cards in Lisbon: the Lisboa Viva Card and the 7 Colinas Card (Portugal)

    1063 reads Collective passenger transport Intermodality Portugal Lisbon fares- fare structure planning- customer satisfaction planning- ticketing booking and ticketing The case study provides an overview of...

  3. Case study
    22 May 2007

    MoRe. young reporters on the road to Kyoto (Hasselt. Belgium)

    477 reads Collective passenger transport Intermodality Mobility management Belgium Hasselt Monitoring and impact assessment safety and security measures- awareness raising MM for schools In Hasselt, the new...

  4. Case study
    24 May 2007

    ‘Flits!’: traffic safety on stage (Flanders. Belgium)

    333 reads Intermodality Mobility management Belgium Flanders Region promotion and advertising safety and security campaigns (large scale) Marketing strategies / branding measures- awareness raising Actor...

  5. Case study
    11 September 2007

    Integrated public transport services in Budapest: first stage successful

    1024 reads Collective passenger transport Intermodality Hungary Budapest planning- network design planning- service integration networks and interchanges In an attempt to respond to changing demography and...

  6. Case study
    16 October 2007

    'Caisse Commune' or car sharing (city of Paris. France)

    367 reads Intermodality France Paris Introduced in 1999, the car sharing scheme ‘Caisse Commune’ in the city of Paris is the first French car sharing experience that proves to be a success after several...

  7. Case study
    11 March 2008

    Development of new quarters following sustainability criteria in Limeil-Brévannes (France)

    385 reads Urban mobility planning Walking and cycling Intermodality France Limeil-Brévannes Due to increases in both the economy and population of Limeil-Brévannes over the past 10 years, housing demand has...

  8. Case study
    12 December 2008

    Passenger information in real time with barrier-free infos on all information points within the municipal area of Graz

    498 reads Intermodality Austria Graz GVB, the Graz public transport operator, strives to make public transport even more attractive. For this reason passenger information at bus and tram stops and stations...

  9. Case study
    25 February 2009

    IKEA Brussels test metro-bicycle combination (Belgium)

    882 reads Intermodality Walking and cycling Belgium Brussels Brussels public transport company MIVB and cyclist organization ProVelo started a new service to stimulate the employees of Ikea Anderlecht to go...

  10. Case study
    16 March 2009

    Bike City. Vienna (Austria)

    2368 reads Intermodality Mobility management Walking and cycling Austria Vienna infrastructure- parking planning- theft prevention information MM for residential sites The Bike City" in Vienna is a...