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  1. Case study
    05 August 2008

    Arlington’s Car-Free Diet: How to Lose 2.000 Pounds in One Day- Arlington. USA

    276 reads Mobility management USA Arlington measures- awareness raising measures- connection with health effects measures- games / competitions MM for cities & Regions monitoring / evaluation The Car...

  2. Case study
    05 December 2008

    City of Bellevue One Less Car Program: “Using Social Marketing to Reduce Residential Travel”. USA

    228 reads Mobility management USA Bellevue The City of Bellevue is located in the Puget Sound region of Washington State of the USA. The City of Bellevue was one of the first cities in the USA to develop...

  3. Case study
    20 August 2009

    Lloyd District Partnership Plan in Portland. USA

    437 reads Urban mobility planning Mobility management USA Portland measures- awareness raising MM for employers user groups- commuters car free developments cycling facilities To reduce the modal split...

  4. Case study
    25 October 2010

    Hybdrid taxis circulating in San Francisco since 2004

    336 reads Clean and energy-efficient vehicles USA San Francisco Hybrid electric vehicles were introduced in taxi fleets based on a private initiative in 2005. Now nearly 50% of the fleet has been exchanged...

  5. Event
    06 May 2012

    2012 Bus & Paratransit Conference

    Language English 465 reads The conference programme includes topics such as policy and planning, operations and maintenance, public transportation in today’s operating environment, technology, safety and...

  6. Event
    26 January 2012

    Transforming Transportation 2012

    Language English 413 reads This year’s conference will focus on big ideas to scale up sustainable transport best practices in cities worldwide. In previous years, we highlighted challenges facing urban...

  7. Event
    10 July 2012


    700 reads Language English English UIC HIGHSPEED 2012 is the must-attend event to learn all about successful strategies, latest developments, best practices and innovative technologies in high-speed rail....

  8. Event
    10 September 2012

    Pro Walk/ Pro Bike 2012

    Language English 426 reads Pro Walk/Pro Bike® is the premier venue for presenting work and meeting peers from the fields of transportation planning, engineering, health, advocacy, public policy, research,...

  9. Event
    17 January 2013

    Transforming Transportation 2013

    Language English 351 reads English Transforming Transportation 2013 will bring together sustainable transport officials, thought leaders, urbanists and practitioners to discuss new ideas, key issues, and...

  10. Event
    18 June 2013

    CityAge Summit

    416 reads Language English The Global Metropolis English As cities deal with the realities of a changing planet and a rapidly urbanizing world, global city builders will assemble in New York City for The...