Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Case study
    16 April 2009
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    20 April 2009
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    02 October 2012
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    23 March 2006
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    10 November 2006
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    28 November 2009
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    30 October 2012
  8. News
    20 September 2011

    Romania modifies car emissions tax (Romania)

    929 reads Romania’s has lowered its vehicle emissions tax, while also expanding it to ensure equitable application to both newer and older cars. The tax rate was lowered by 25% but will now apply to cars...

  9. News
    23 December 2011

    This Christmas Santa Claus delivers presents by bicycle (Romania)

    2241 reads This year Santa Claus will leave his reindeer-pulled sleigh at home and deliver presents by bicycle. This sudden change of transport mode is due not to the change in weather conditions but to an...

  10. News
    26 March 2012

    The first step for clean public transport in Suceava (Romania)

    717 reads The Romanian city of Suceava is preparing for a cleaner future by replacing the existing fleet of buses with electric ones. At Lisbon in June 2011, the municipality’s officials signed a memorandum...