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  1. Case study
    07 April 2014

    Developing cycling highways in Greater Copenhagen (Denmark)

    5580 reads Walking and cycling Cycling is a widely popular means of transportation in Copenhagen. To further promote this healthy alternative to car-use and public transport, Copenhagen is developing a...

  2. Case study
    27 November 2011

    Traffic calming which also considers cyclists: Copenhagen. Denmark

    1222 reads Traffic and demand management Urban mobility planning Walking and cycling Denmark Copenhagen measures- complementary actions (eg. speed limits …) pedestrian zones shared space speed calming...

  3. Case study
    15 March 2007

    Awareness Action for walking in Copenhagen. Denmark

    427 reads Mobility management Walking and cycling Denmark Copenhagen measures- raising awareness user groups- leisure walkers measures- awareness raising MM for cities & Regions During the Walk 21...

  4. Case study
    14 July 2008

    Marketing Sustainable Transport in Aalborg. Denmark

    886 reads Mobility management Denmark Aalborg Marketing strategies / branding measures- awareness raising MM for cities & Regions In spring 2007, as part of the MIDAS project (Measures to Influence...

  5. Case study
    14 July 2008

    Waterfront Development in Aalborg (Denmark)

    541 reads Denmark Aalborg The Waterfront is an urban transformation area. The area is remodelled according to a coherent plan that is intended to revitalise the area and bring in new functions that will...

  6. Case study
    13 September 2011

    Cycling the globe: a sustainable mobility campaign for Danish schoolchildren

    2376 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Denmark Aarhus The Around the World in 80 Days” campaign targets 12-13 year-old school children. The idea is for the pupils to work together as a class to...

  7. Case study
    13 December 2011

    External battery-charging and-changing of electric vehicles in Denmark

    1046 reads Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Denmark Country-wide drive train – energy storage fuels – electric energy conventional infrastructure- (garages fueling stations …) reduction – greenhouse...

  8. Case study
    08 January 2013

    Denmark’s first park and bike terminal in Aarhus

    2668 reads Walking and cycling Intermodality The city of Aarhus has created a new solution to increase the number of multimodal trips and encourage commuters to cycle for part of their work journey....

  9. Case study
    22 January 2013

    GPS-based bicycle relay race encourages people to cycle in Denmark

    1769 reads Walking and cycling Denmark Fredericia measures- awareness raising measures- campaigns Like many other cities, the city of Fredericia in Denmark wants more people to jump on their bikes. In the...

  10. Case study
    12 February 2013

    Shared parking for bicycles and cars in Copenhagen (Denmark)

    1523 reads Walking and cycling Traffic and demand management In cities where space is in short supply, you need to think outside the box in order to make room for everyone. When it comes to a cycle city...