Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Event
    25 May 2011

    Tram- network extension, infrastructure and vehicle maintenance

    484 reads Language English English Silent, environmentally friendly, reliable and fast, tram systems appeal to many cities in Europe. If the cost of development is clearly perceived by local decision makers...

  2. Event
    15 October 2012


    training events about sustainable urban transport strategies in 8 European countries. The training courses ...

  3. Event
    20 March 2013

    Optimisation of rail passenger transport services

    396 reads Language English English A constantly increasing mobility rate, a rather vast territory to cover (the ninth country in the European Union), a high-density population, a still preserved balance...

  4. Event
    13 November 2013

    Forum for Sustainable Mobility and Metropolitan Development

    363 reads Language English English Mobility around the large cities in Romania is today confronted with difficult situations: public transport is poorly developed, the use of personal automotive vehicles...