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    08 December 2023

    European Capitals of Inclusion and Diversity Award Launched on 6 December

    Commissioner Dalli launched the third edition of the European Capitals of Inclusion and Diversity Award on 6 December. ...

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    06 December 2023

    Graz pilots smart traffic monitoring project

    Graz is testing a video based smart traffic platform to gain detailed real-time data on traffic to improve conditions for cycling. ...

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    27 November 2023

    Finding the Right Space for Urban Logistics: a Framework for Open Parcel Locker Systems

    loetud 23 korda The ULaaDS project brings together 24 partners including city authorities, research institutions, industry and logistics stakeholders, associations, and networks to support the deployment of...

  4. News
    23 November 2023

    Germany’s €49 public transport ticket remains, but its price remains uncertain after 2024

    The German federal and state governments have agreed the Deutschlandticket should be retained. However, numerous uncertainties persist, primarily revolving around the future pricing structure of the ticket. ...

  5. News
    21 November 2023

    Cities call for improved regulation of foreign drivers in UVARs

    POLIS, Eurocities and 20 elected officials from cities around Europe have called for the European Parliament to improve the regulation of foreign drivers using UVARs. ...

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    16 November 2023

    New research on gendered travel patterns holds key learnings for urban planners

    New research from Vietnam reveals the global nature of gendered travel patterns, and repercussions for urban planners across the world. ...

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    14 November 2023

    Final text for the revision of the Intelligent Transport Systems Directive agreed

    587 lecturas The  European Council  has approved the revision of the revised   Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Directive. This will ultimately make high-quality and timely data available for services,...

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    13 November 2023

    Bike-share workers in Barcelona strike for better pay

    Barcelona's bike-sharing service, Bicing, is facing significant disruption as its employees are launching strike action to demand better wages that keep pace with the rising cost of living. ...

  9. News
    09 November 2023

    European Gender Equality Week & questions for the transport sector

    European Gender Equality Week took place between 23-29 October at the European Parliament. As local and regional leaders and voices from the transport sector united to discuss progress made and challenges...

  10. News
    07 November 2023

    Lille announces ban on cyclists in city centre

    Lille’s local government has announced a cycling ban covering large parts of the pedestrianised city centre and old town, following a rise in pedestrian safety concerns. ...