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  1. Case study
    12 October 2007

    Mobility Management in Erasmus Medical Centre (city of Rotterdam. the Netherlands)

    482 reads Mobility management Netherlands Rotterdam measures- awareness raising MM for cities & Regions MM for employers user groups- commuters Erasmus Medical Centre (city of Rotterdam) employs 10 000...

  2. Case study
    15 October 2007

    IT'S UP 2 U! Marketing Competition for Public Transport (the Netherlands)

    945 reads Mobility management Netherlands nation-wide campaigns (large scale) Marketing strategies / branding measures- awareness raising As part of the EU Project EMOTIONS, a dedicated marketing...

  3. Case study
    15 October 2007

    Veluwe travel pass (Veluwe region. the Netherlands)

    199 reads Mobility management Netherlands Veluwe region campaigns (large scale) MM for cities & Regions MM for touristic areas Mobility offices / mobility centers Initiated in 1996, the Veluwe travel...

  4. Case study
    22 October 2007

    Mobility Management to stop increasing parking and accessibility problems (Katwijk. the Netherlands)

    212 reads Mobility management Walking and cycling Netherlands Katwijk measures- mobility managment services measures- parking Management MM for employers user groups- commuters Because of increasing parking...

  5. Case study
    26 March 2008

    “Spitsmijden”: can the car driver be persuaded to avoid peak traffic? (The Netherlands)

    14551 reads Mobility management Netherlands The Hague campaigns (large scale) measures- awareness raising monitoring / evaluation Can the car driver be persuaded to avoid peak traffic? The Spitsmijden...

  6. Case study
    27 May 2008

    Tire Under Pressure proves it can have an impact on fuel consumption (the Netherlands)

    292 reads Mobility management Netherlands Country wide The Dutch service “Tire Under Pressure”, which aims to improve tire pressure on passenger cars, won this year’s national price for sustainable...

  7. Case study
    22 February 2011

    Encouraging cycling through rewards (Netherlands)

    772 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Netherlands Apeldoorn measures- awareness raising measures- campaigns monitoring / evaluation campaigns (large scale) measures- games / competitions...

  8. Case study
    28 February 2012

    Encouraging sustainable transport behaviour among employees (Netherlands)

    502 reads Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Mobility management Netherlands Amsterdam measures- mobility managment services MM for employers Mobility plans / Travel plans reduction – greenhouse gases...

  9. Case study
    10 December 2012

    Mobility management and hospitality at Spant! congress centre (The Netherlands)

    648 reads Mobility management Netherlands Bussum measures- location-based services MM for events The implementation of new mobility management measures and cooperation with the municipality have led to an...

  10. Case study
    12 December 2012

    Park and Ride Renesse. The Netherlands

    616 reads Mobility management Netherlands Province of Zeeland MM for touristic areas Recreatietransferium Renesse is a P+R which has been in operation since July 1997. It aims to reduce the presence of cars...