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  1. Case study
    20 July 2006

    Liechtenstein: Cycling for your health

    1422 reads Mobility management Walking and cycling Liechtenstein Countrywide measures- awareness raising measures- campaigns measures- connection with health effects measures- games / competitions The...

  2. Case study
    18 June 2007

    Liechtenstein: Walking to School is fun!

    736 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Liechtenstein Parents recognize the significance of an independent journey to school for the physical, psychological and social development of their...

  3. Case study
    19 June 2007

    Public Transport makes you fit- Exercise while waiting. Liechtenstein

    623 reads Walking and cycling Collective passenger transport Intermodality Mobility management Liechtenstein coutntry wide measures- campaigns measures- raising awareness promotion and advertising measures-...

  4. Case study
    01 May 2009

    Bicycle safety course “Safe in the Saddle” for children and parents (Liechtenstein)

    1164 reads Mobility management Walking and cycling Liechtenstein The VCL bicycle safety course aims for parents to set good examples and moderate expectations of their children. What is easy for parents can...

  5. Case study
    14 September 2010

    Reducing car use among employees in Balzers (Liechtenstein)

    771 reads Mobility management At electrical engineering firm INFICON AG, an initial survey undertaken for an ISO 14001 certification showed about 63 per cent of individual trips were by motorised transport....

  6. Case study
    14 October 2006