Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Non-motorised transport

    2679 reads Non-motorised transport includes walking, cycling, small-wheeled transport (skates, skateboards, push scooters and hand carts) and wheelchair travel. These modes provide both recreation (they are...

  2. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Awareness raising and communication campaigns

    4725 reads This training manual has been prepared to help explain awareness-raising and communication campaigns and why they should be launched and organised. Specific information is provided on target...

  3. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Mobility Management: learning from examples

    3085 reads This training material will explain how mobility management strategies may be adopted in tourist areas and how a Tourism Travel Plan (TTP) may be implemented. Based on good examples and the...

  4. Training material
    29 June 2011

    An introduction on mobility management

    5470 reads Travel awareness and mobility management activities are 'soft policy' approaches. They can be used as independent activities but also together with 'hard policies' such as...

  5. Training material
    30 June 2011

    Transport socialisation and education

    2601 reads This training material raises awareness about how getting people to use sustainable forms of transport such as cycling, the bus or train are not only possible but crucial. To achieve this it is...

  6. Training material
    15 March 2012

    Mobility management measures for young people

    2605 reads The CONNECT project designed two separate campaigns, one aimed at primary schools (Traffic Snake Game) and the other targeted at secondary schools (ECO-TRIP). Both aimed to encourage children and...

  7. Training material
    09 July 2012

    BAMBINI in higher education

    4918 reads The BAMBINI project targets the mobility behaviour of very young children and their parents as well as the attitudes of decision-makers to challenge the car culture prevalent in Europe and so...

  8. Training material
    09 July 2012

    MIDAS – Training Resource Pack

    2714 reads The MIDAS (Measures to Influence transport Demand to Achieve Sustainability)  training pack provides practitioners with tools to encourage public authorities and city planners to use soft...

  9. Training material
    13 August 2012

    Children’s development: an overview

    2963 reads The BAMBINI project focuses on the mobility behaviour of very young children and their parents. This presentation, given at a BAMBINI project meeting, was delivered by Maria Johansson, a...

  10. Training material
    14 August 2012

    Children's streets/Playing streets

    4745 reads This presentation gives an introduction to the concept of children's streets and playing streets. These are streets which are temporarily closed to motorised traffic (for a day or a few...