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  1. News
    01 February 2012

    New light rail redesigns Jerusalem public transport system (Israel)

    371 reads From 13 January 2012, the bus lines used to travel from the south-western neighbourhoods of Jerusalem will be replaced by high-frequency, improved and shortened lines in order to provide services...

  2. Event
    29 October 2018

    Smart Mobility Summit 2018

    799 reads Language English English The time is ripe for a revolution in transportation, for a world free of oil, populated by clean, accessible and efficient means of transportation. The 6th Annual Smart...

  3. Event
    11 November 2019

    CIVITAS Study Visit – Tel Aviv (Israel)

    67 reads Language English CIVITAS is organising a study visit in the city of Tel Aviv. This will take place from 11-13 November 2019. Tel Aviv is currently seeking responses to its changing mobility habits,...