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  1. Case study
    04 June 2012
  2. Case study
    27 November 2011
  3. News
    14 January 2011

    Beijing to limit vehicle registrations to combat rising congestion (China)

    493 reads Beijing will limit the number of vehicles registrations in 2011 in an attempt to reduce traffic levels and combat associated congestion. Beijing will limit the number of vehicles registrations in...

  4. News
    26 October 2012

    Chengdu offers free bus rides to ease congestion (China)

    2962 reads Chengdu, capital of the Chinese Sichuan province, introduced free public transportation on 33 bus lines within the main city centre. The initiative comes at the same time as local authorities...

  5. News
    18 December 2012

    China and India's BRT systems selected as leaders in the fight against climate change

    753 reads The bus rapid transit systems in Guangzhou, China, and Ahmedabad, India are being recognised as leaders in the fight against climate change at the 18th Conference of the Parties to the United...

  6. News
    04 January 2013

    Beijing subway becomes the world’s largest metro system (China)

    2420 reads With the opening of a 69.8km extension on December 28th 2012, Beijing has become the world’s longest subway network, overtaking Shanghai’s 425km long system with a total length of 442km. Subway...

  7. News
    21 February 2013

    China’s second high-capacity BRT opened in Lanzhou

    1383 reads Lanzhou, a city of three million in North-western China opened its first BRT system on December 28th. The 9km long BRT corridor has 15 stations and 6 lines. It is China’s second high-capacity BRT...

  8. Event
    23 May 2016

    Busworld China 2016

    Language English 869 reads English Busworld China 2016, in partnership with Bus & Truck Expo, is organised in Beijing and offers an excellent opportunity for bus and coach manufacturers, component...

  9. News
    27 May 2016

    Innovative ‘straddle bus’ to undergo testing (China)

    2463 reads A company in China is planning to build a life-size model of bus that straddles traffic and allows vehicles to pass underneath as if through a tunnel. The 3D Express Coach was designed in 2010 by...