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Resultados de la búsqueda

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    04 June 2012
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    28 August 2007
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    28 August 2007
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    27 November 2011
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    16 November 2010
  6. News
    14 January 2011

    Beijing to limit vehicle registrations to combat rising congestion (China)

    493 reads Beijing will limit the number of vehicles registrations in 2011 in an attempt to reduce traffic levels and combat associated congestion. Beijing will limit the number of vehicles registrations in...

  7. News
    07 November 2011

    China falls back in love with the bicycle

    730 reads The bicycle is once again back in vogue for a new generation of Chinese, who are choosing to jump back on the saddle after a two decade love affair with the car. In the 1950s China was dubbed the...

  8. News
    12 May 2011

    Chinese car producer plans to test electric buses in Europe

    482 reads Chinese car producer BYD has signed an agreement to test 6 electric buses in Copenhagen. Build Your Dreams (BYD) is the biggest private car manufacturer in China and more recently has entered into...

  9. News
    19 December 2011

    China joins the International Transport Forum

    523 reads The People's Republic of China is now a full member of the International Transport Forum. Vice-Minister Gao Hongfeng announced China’s intention to join the Forum at the Summit in May 2011;...

  10. News
    26 October 2012

    Chengdu offers free bus rides to ease congestion (China)

    2962 reads Chengdu, capital of the Chinese Sichuan province, introduced free public transportation on 33 bus lines within the main city centre. The initiative comes at the same time as local authorities...