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    23 June 2006

    Legal framework for car sharing in France

    155 reads In May 2006, the French Senate unanimously approved of a bill in order to promote car sharing. In May 2006, the French Senate unanimously approved of a bill in order to promote car sharing. The...

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    27 June 2006

    EC announces possible new CIVITAS call

    69 reads During a meeting of the CIVITAS Policy Advisory Committee on 30 May 2006 in Göteborg, Sweden, the European Commission announced that is it considering to launch a new call for proposals under the...

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    27 June 2006

    Additional Policy Initiatives Needed for European Transport Systems

    103 reads According to a recent study by the European Environment Agency, greenhouse gas emission from transport increased by 22% between 1990 and 2002. Polluting emissions continue to have an impact on...

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    27 June 2006

    Bus Éireann (Irish Bus) announces Major Expansion of Services

    86 reads Bus Éireann has announced a major expansion of bus services in Drogheda and the rapidly growing Commuter towns of the North-East of Ireland, which will offer customers an unrivalled provision of...

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    28 June 2006

    Innovation Trophies at the European Mobility Fair ‘Transport Public’ (France)

    132 reads The second edition of ‘Transport Public’, an annual Mobility Fair, took place June, 13-14-15. Since innovation was the main theme, the French Ministry of Transport organized an ‘Innovation Trophy’...

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    30 June 2006

    New payment opportunity for parking-areas in Milano (Italy)

    126 reads The local public transport company from the city of Milano, launches a new service which offers to pay the parking charge in the restricted areas via mobile phone. This service should facilitate...

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    30 June 2006

    Road casualties Great-Britain: main results 2005

    82 reads Yesterday, 30/06/2006, the UK Department of Transport published National Statistics on road casualties in Great Britain in 2005. We summarise the main results. Additional information is also...

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    30 June 2006

    Additional funding for Scottish rural transport initiatives Archive ...

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    30 June 2006

    Best practice advice for transport assessments (London)

    168 reads This week, Transport for London published best practice guidance on preparing transport assessments for major developments in London. Until now there has no standardised method of producing...

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    30 June 2006

    Public Transport 'rocks' in Belgium

    74 reads Public Transport 'rocks' in Belgium Yesterday (29/06/2006), the festival Rock Werchter had its kick-off. Even early on the day, the railway station of the city of Leuven was crowded with...