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  1. Video
    05 June 2014

    Dublin: Work travel plan

    3177 reads Ireland Dublin Other Astute Project Mobility management ...

  2. Video
    17 June 2016

    Future of cycling in Galway city central

    3438 reads Future visions and projections of the required cycling infrastructure in Galway city central to benefit environmental, economic and social (public health) factors Ireland Galway Joe Kelly (AGP...

  3. Video
    24 June 2016

    SUIG tram/BRT for Galway- future visions and projections

    A visual presentation which shows how and where a tram/BRT system would plot into Galway city's infrastructure 3361 reads Ireland Galway Joe Kelly Other Youtube Urban mobility planning ...

  4. Video
    04 July 2016

    SUIG BRT/LRT Route Option 2

    An eye-in-the-sky augmented reality presentation of the actual geography of Galway City and where the best-fit sustainable transport solution can be plotted using Bus Rapid Transit or Light Rail Rapid...