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    17 December 2010

    Bristol University opens car club for students (UK)

    448 reads The University of Bristol (UK) and Streetcar is to offer its service to students at the university, to encourage them to consider more sustainable travel habits. The University of Bristol (UK) and...

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    20 December 2010

    Fuel savings of more than 300,000 Euros per year in Ibi (Spain)

    313 reads The city of Ibi aims to save €330,000 by implementing a sustainable urban mobility plan. The city of Ibi, with a population of 24,100 inhabitants aims to save €330,000 by implementing a...

  3. News
    21 December 2010

    Drugs more prevalent than alcohol in many road crashes

    262 reads The incidence of drugs among drivers injured or killed in road accidents is in the range of 14% to 17%, according to a new report published by the International Transport Forum, a transport think...

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    12 January 2011

    City of Münster opens fully automated cycle parking at train station (Germany)

    690 reads A new 3rd fully automated high quality bike park has opened in the German city of Münster, providing 240 bike rack and 60 lockboxes. A new 3rd high quality bike park has opened in the German city...

  5. News
    13 January 2011

    EU tightens emissions restrictions for light trucks

    295 reads In December 2010, the EUs environment ministers have agreed on emissions and mileage regulations for small vans and other utility vehicles. However, environmentalists say the new rules were...

  6. News
    18 January 2011

    New High Speed Rail proposals unveiled (UK)

    from places such as Milton Keynes and Coventry. Source: UK Department for Transport (news) United ...

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    03 February 2011

    Public attitudes towards climate change and transport report published (UK)

    246 reads New report on 'public attitudes towards climate change and the impact of transport' published by the UK Department for Transport Understanding the public's attitudes, perceptions...

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    09 February 2011

    Vice-President Siim Kallas presents road safety awards

    267 reads At the Excellence in Road Safety Awards ceremony held in Brussels, Siim Kallas, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for transport, presented awards to seven organisations which...

  9. News
    11 February 2011

    Why not rent a hybrid car? (Spain)

    509 reads Due to subsides available through the strategic plan of the Institute of Diversification and Energy Saving, the cost of renting of a hybrid car is on average only 2% higher than the cost of...

  10. News
    11 February 2011

    Financial support for sustainable urban transport plans in the Valencia region (Spain)

    339 reads The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (Conselleria de Infraestructuras y Transporte) has allocated €757.000 over the next 12 months to actions which aim at reducing energy consumption in...