Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Tool
    02 August 2012

    Best practice in urban logistics

    2450 reads Urban freight in European cities today is hampered by inefficient management of distribution methods, with a resulting impact on traffic congestion, pollution and the effectiveness of the...

  2. Tool
    19 December 2012

    Good practice on urban freight

    1422 reads Best practice in urban freight is typically happening in European capitals and large cities. However, small and medium-sized cities still need help and advice to understand how they can transfer...

  3. Tool
    13 September 2012

    Improving urban freight and logistics

    1491 reads Planning and managing a well-performing urban freight system that meets social, economic and environmental goals is a challenging task. Responsibility for managing this could be given to a person...

  4. Case study
    07 February 2012
  5. Case study
    19 September 2007
  6. Case study
    08 July 2008
  7. Case study
    30 July 2008
  8. Case study
    05 April 2011
  9. Case study
    23 June 2011
  10. Case study
    28 February 2012