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  1. Tool
    18 March 2013

    Successfully involving stakeholders

    2391 reads Stakeholder engagement is an important aspect of any decision-making process and is recognised by transport practitioners and decision-makers as a critical factor for successful implementation of...

  2. Tool
    01 April 2011

    Involving older stakeholders

    organisations which are not familiar with stakeholder involvement to try out some of the tools and techniques in their ...

  3. Tool
    02 February 2011

    Public participation in sustainable transport

    894 reads Consultation and participation of key stakeholders and members of the public when developing sustainable transport measures is a valuable process, helping to drive public acceptance and design...

  4. Tool
    01 January 2004

    Good practice in stakeholder engagement

    handbook has three parts. Volume 1 presents relevant concepts and tools for use in these two activities. ...

  5. Tool
    08 September 2016

    Promoting rural public transport through active mobility consultancy

    3659 reads The purpose of this publication is to provide public authorities and public transport operators with the information they need to prepare and implement active mobility consultancy campaigns...

  6. Tool
    09 October 2017


    3036 reads Streetmix is an open-source, interactive tool which can be used to design streets and ... involvement, Traffic and demand management StreetMix Tool Website ...

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    26 April 2018

    Study on Urban Logistics- "The integrated perspective"

    letto 1402 volte Study from the European Commission- Mobility and Transport Directorate General with the objective to develop guidance documents including best practices on six different aspects of urban...

  8. Tool
    16 July 2012

    Marketing sustainable mobility

    5565 reads Successful sustainable mobility measures can only come about through reaching the people for whom they are designed. Communicating directly and indirectly with users also helps to demonstrate...

  9. Tool
    01 January 2005

    Addressing challenges in sustainable urban mobility planning

    1411 reads Although the concept of sustainable urban mobility planning is now mainstream in European cities, a number of common challenges remain. An awareness of these challenges is required so that they...

  10. Tool
    16 November 2015

    CIVITAS Policy Note- The use of social media to involve citizens in urban mobility projects and city planning

    potential of such tools is great, and there are several applications exploiting social cooperation through ...