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  1. News
    20 March 2017

    Slovenian state railway to prepare ‘last-mile’ offer for passengers

    2020 reads Slovenia’s state railway company, Slovenian Railways (SZ), is preparing to collaborate with business partners to expand its range of services with ‘last-mile’ offers such as car-sharing, electric...

  2. Event
    07 October 2015

    CIVITAS Forum Conference 2015

    Language English 4293 reads English 'Sharing the city' is the theme of this year's CIVITAS Forum Conference, with a focus on sustainable urban mobility as an important driver to build an...

  3. Video
    14 November 2012

    Urban race

    "Urban race" shows a race between a car driver, a cyclist and a surfer- presenting the challenges they are facing, using a specific mode of transport. Who is the winner?! Watch the video!  The...