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  1. Video
    05 June 2014

    Bicycle goods delivery service in San Sebastian, Spain

    3591 reads Spain San Sebastian Eltis Urban freight/city logistics ...

  2. Case study
    28 February 2012

    Silent inner-city overnight deliveries in Barcelona (Spain)

    4617 reads Urban freight/city logistics Spain Barcelona nearby delivery areas night deliveries on-street loading bays regulations (weight size loading time emissions) In 2003 the Municipality of Barcelona...

  3. Case study
    09 February 2012

    Street Management Improvements for Loading/unloading Enforcement (SMILE): Barcelona (Spain)

    635 reads Urban freight/city logistics Traffic and demand management Spain Barcelona on-street loading bays regulations (weight size loading time emissions) The SMILE project implemented junction measures ...

  4. Case study
    17 January 2007

    Night delivery in Barcelona (Spain)

    739 reads Urban freight/city logistics Spain Barcelona night deliveries On two streets trials were carried out on night delivery using noise reduced vehicles and loading equipment. The trucks were equipped...

  5. Case study
    03 April 2007

    New concepts for the Distribution of Goods in Barcelona/Spain

    920 reads Urban freight/city logistics Spain Barcelona The multi-use lane implementation in Barcelona extends the total length of lanes and converts on-street parking spaces into unloading spaces during the...

  6. Case study
    16 January 2009

    New goods distribution scheme in Burgos/Spain

    1157 reads Urban freight/city logistics Spain Burgos The goods distribution as an essential service for the cities vitality requires new regulations to get adapted to the progressive pedestrianization in...

  7. Event
    23 October 2013

    6th European Conference on ICT for Transport Logistics

    516 reads Language English English The ECITL is an established and well-known international conference on the use and integration of ICT in Transport Logistics. This years’ conference will be held on the...

  8. Event
    12 December 2013

    Cargo Bike Film Festival

    490 reads Language English Spanish Un festival de cine dedicado a la movilidad y a la logística en bicicleta Cyclelogistics, la campaña europea dedicada a la promoción de la logística en bicicleta, celebra...

  9. Event
    19 March 2014

    ECOSTARS Forum

    Language English 477 reads ECOSTARS Forum English ECOSTARS Forum Spain Wednesday, March 19, 2014- 02:01 Urban freight/city logistics ECOSTARS Forum Karsten Marhold ...

  10. Event
    15 October 2015

    3rd European Cycle Logistics Federation Conference

    Language English 2663 reads English The 3rd European Cycle Logistics Federation Conference, taking place this year in Donostia-San Sebastián, explores the potential for deliveries using cargo bikes and...