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  1. Case study
    05 July 2012

    Ecologistics: Parma's integrated and systemic green urban delivery scheme (Italy)

    1741 reads Urban freight/city logistics Italy Parma Alternative fuel vehicles freight quality partnerships last-mile solutions (to customer) regulations (weight size loading time emissions) urban...

  2. Case study
    01 October 2012

    Padova Cityporto: a success model for urban logistics (Italy)

    3859 reads Urban freight/city logistics The Cityporto logistics scheme for urban freight consolidation and distribution has been successfully operating in Padova since 2004. It consists of an urban...

  3. Case study
    01 October 2012

    Urban logistics innovation in the mid-sized historical city of Lucca (Italy)

    2127 reads Urban freight/city logistics Italy Lucca Alternative fuel vehicles regulations (weight size loading time emissions) urban consolidation centres The Centre for Eco-Friendly City Freight...

  4. Case study
    20 November 2006

    Electrical car fleet- City of Trento (Italy)

    2284 reads Urban freight/city logistics Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Italy Trento drive train – electric fuels – electric energy conventional reduction – air pollutants- ICE internal measures...

  5. Case study
    05 September 2007

    Vicenza: Veloce Eco-LOgistic CEnter

    571 reads Urban freight/city logistics Traffic and demand management Italy Vicenza Veloce is the new logistic system of the city of Vicenza (Italy), studied on purpose for the Vicenza city centre....

  6. Case study
    01 October 2007

    Enlarged goods distribution scheme in Genoa/Italy

    322 reads Urban freight/city logistics Italy Genova The aim of the measure is to create an alternative concept of goods distribution, less invasive for citizens life and with a low environmental impact....

  7. Case study
    08 January 2009

    Clean Urban logistics in Venice/Italy

    446 reads Urban freight/city logistics Italy Venezia This measure focuses on the creation of a web-enabled information system for the management of temporary and permanent parking spaces along the inner...

  8. News
    23 December 2010

    Steal the Road: on-line creative contest for bike enthusiasts

    285 reads Launched by IndieUp, an Italian independent platform of green products, the on-line contest “Steal the Road” is addressed to all copywriters and creative artists who want to live in cities with...

  9. News
    12 September 2011

    Geodis change its urban distribution strategy with Distripolis (France)

    1184 reads Global logistics provider Geodis launched its own ecological approach to final-kilometre logistics. The project Distripolis focuses on logistics hubs close to major retail areas, from which clean...

  10. News
    31 January 2012

    Smart solutions for urban freight take off in Como (Italy)

    319 reads Italy is taking part in the SMARTFUSION project with the city of Como testing a new system for sustainable urban freight delivery. The project impacts on three main fields: vehicles, routes and...