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  1. Case study
    27 October 2011

    Awareness campaign about public transport at the University of_ilina. Slovakia

    365 reads Mobility management Slovakia Zilina measures- awareness raising An awareness campaign about public transport at the University of_ilina is intended to change the behaviour and attitude of...

  2. Case study
    28 October 2011

    Action days and mobility packages for students of the University of_ilina. Slovakia

    436 reads Mobility management Slovakia Zilina MM for schools The University of_ilina organised a special event in partnership with the public transport operator (DPM_) in_ilina; during the university...

  3. Case study
    24 September 2012

    Urban ET Festival in Bratislava. Slovakia: reconfiguring public space through social interactions

    383 reads Mobility management Slovakia Bratislava measures- games / competitions The Urban ET Festival was a fun and creative public event with the purpose of bringing back life and social interactions to...

  4. Case study
    18 February 2008

    CNG buses in Bratislava. the capital city of Slovakia

    1161 reads Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Slovakia Bratislava fuel (energy) reduction fuels – gaseous non regenerative reduction – greenhouse gases reduction- noise vehicle configuration The Public...

  5. Case study
    14 October 2011

    Creative Competition and Mobile Exhibition on Public Transport by children in_ilina. Slovakia

    702 reads Mobility management Slovakia Zilina Marketing strategies / branding measures- awareness raising measures- games / competitions MM for schools The municipality of_ilina held a creative competition...

  6. News
    17 February 2011

    New cross-border local bus services between Slovakia and Hungary

    735 reads With the introduction of the ‘Schengen borders’ and the extension of the sub-urbanisation process a number of new cross-border local public transport services have recently been introduced. The...

  7. News
    01 January 1970

    Bratislava Bus Company cuts service (Slovakia)

    439 reads On the heels of recent tariff hikes, Bratislava’s public bus service will now cut the frequency of its service in order to stem expected financial losses this year. The new management of the...

  8. News
    20 February 2014

    Slovak government develops national cycling strategy

    849 reads Aiming to increase the provision of cycling infrastructure in the country as well as stimulate cycle tourism, Slovakia has developed a long term plan to support these objectives. Seeking to...

  9. News
    18 June 2014

    Slovakia awarded for cutting road deaths

    1053 reads Slovakia has won the Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Award 2014, which will be presented during the PIN 2014 Conference today. Since setting the target of halving European road deaths from...

  10. Event
    21 March 2012

    Multinational Knowledge Brokerage Event on Sustainable Mobility

    261 reads Language English The focus of the workshop will be on shift and change from transport into sustainable mobility concept based on more energy efficient and cleaner modes. We will explore how to...