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  1. Video
    05 June 2014

    Bucharest- Pedestrianisation of the city centre

    2877 reads Romania Bucharest Eltis Walking and cycling ...

  2. Video
    05 June 2014

    Bucharest- Shuttle service for employees

    3897 reads Romania Bucharest Other Traffic and demand management ...

  3. Video
    05 June 2014

    Recicleta- waste paper collection with cargo tricycles

    4239 reads Romania Bucharest Eltis Urban freight/city logistics ...

  4. Case study
    07 August 2008

    In town wthout my car: Brasov. Romania

    446 reads Traffic and demand management Mobility management Romania Brasov measures- awareness raising measures- mobility managment services MM for events measures- access control In September 2006, the...

  5. Case study
    06 August 2009

    Telematic innovations for Public Transport (Romania)

    702 reads Intermodality Romania Ploiesti Integration of software management systems is one of the main factors in the optimisation of the overall transport system in the urban area. The effective use of...

  6. Case study
    16 April 2009

    Promotion of alternative fuels in the public and private sector/Suceava (Romania)

    390 reads Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Romania Suceava The increase demand for mobility and the use of private cars is a worrying side effect of economic growth. A sustainable solution to meet the...

  7. Case study
    16 April 2009

    Extension of low emission zone/Suceava (Romania)

    241 reads Romania Suceava LEZ is positively perceived by our citizens; it was launched in 2002 and transformed a street into a partial vehicle access restricted area, at the weekend time. SMILE project...

  8. Case study
    20 April 2009

    Alternative Fuel Bus Fleet/Suceava (Romania)

    521 reads Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Romania Suceava A modern and secure public transport fleet, dimensioned according to the public needs, responding to the regular passengers and attracting new...

  9. Case study
    23 June 2011

    Socially responsible and sustainable recycling in Bucharest (Romania)

    920 reads Walking and cycling Urban freight/city logistics Launched by ViitorPlus NGO as a pilot project in September 2009, RECICLETA is the first carbon-neutral initiative in Romania. With the help of...

  10. Case study
    27 September 2011

    The Walking Bus: a healthy and social way to get to school in Sebes (Romania)

    521 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Romania measures- raising awareness planning- safety and security campaigns (large scale) MM for schools An ingeniously promoted Walking Bus exercise in...