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  1. Facts & figures
    01 March 2010

    NZTA land transport statistics 2001-2009

    2290 reads This publication, produced by the New Zealand Transport Authority, records physical statistics, works completed, expenditure details and roughness data on local roads and state highways.  01 Mar...

  2. Case study
    06 August 2009

    The Bike Wise Business Battle (New Zealand)

    872 reads Walking and cycling New Zealand nation-wide This social marketing program got more 2,684 ‘non-cyclists’ to experience cycling. Follow up research of the 2006 programme indicated that 25% of these ...

  3. News
    12 September 2011

    Ridesharing Institute targets 100,000 vehicle reduction for Auckland (New-Zealand)

    550 reads The recently formed NZ Ridesharing Institute is teaming up with Auckland University to research how to take 100,000 vehicles off Auckland's roads, and is seeking funding from Auckland Council...

  4. Event
    22 February 2012

    2 Walk and Cycle Conference

    Language English 357 reads The first ever 2 Walk and Cycle Conference will be held in Hastings at the Hawke’s Bay Opera House in the Opera House Theatre. The focus of this conference is on everyday walking...

  5. Event
    29 October 2014

    2 WALK and CYCLE 2014 Conference

    733 reads Language English Communities on the move English Nelson is a community on the move and is considered by many as the walking and cycling capital of New Zealand. Delegates will have the opportunity...