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  1. News
    21 September 2011

    Skopje welcomes back double deckers (FYR Macedonia)

    519 reads A first shipment of red double-decker buses arrived in Skopje this week, giving the Macedonian capital an emblematic public transport fleet that’s both modern and nostalgic. The 68 custom-made...

  2. News
    15 May 2013

    Single firm bids for Skopje tram project (Macedonia)

    2295 reads The Macedonian capital of Skopje hopes to build a new tram system, but lukewarm interest in its tender offer raises concerns about the viability of its build-and-operate financing idea. The City...

  3. News
    14 October 2014

    Skopje develops app for sustainable route planning (Macedonia)

    1667 reads A new app has been launched that makes getting around Skopje, the capital of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, easier and more environmentally friendly than before. The Skope Green...