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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Case study
    23 June 2011

    Socially responsible and sustainable recycling in Bucharest (Romania)

    920 reads Walking and cycling Urban freight/city logistics Launched by ViitorPlus NGO as a pilot project in September 2009, RECICLETA is the first carbon-neutral initiative in Romania. With the help of...

  2. Case study
    27 September 2011

    The Walking Bus: a healthy and social way to get to school in Sebes (Romania)

    521 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Romania measures- raising awareness planning- safety and security campaigns (large scale) MM for schools An ingeniously promoted Walking Bus exercise in...

  3. Case study
    03 July 2012

    Promoting car-free kid-friendly streets in Brasov (Romania)

    1271 reads Public and stakeholder involvement Walking and cycling Mobility management The City of Brasov together with the Agency for Energy and Environment's Protection Management (ABMEE), have...

  4. Case study
    05 July 2013

    Installing bike parking spaces and promoting cycling in Tirgu Mures (Romania)

    1676 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Romania Tirgu Mures infrastructure- parking measures- awareness raising measures- mapping / routing measures- mobility managment services In the past few...

  5. Case study
    25 July 2013

    Switching people from cars to public transport in Sighisoara (Romania)

    1203 reads Collective passenger transport Mobility management Romania Sighisoara planning- ticketing measures- awareness raising MM for employers MM for residential sites monitoring / evaluation The local...

  6. Case study
    12 March 2008

    Parking management in Sibiu's historical centre (Romania)

    1048 reads Traffic and demand management Romania Sibiu measures- access control measures- parking Management access management parking standards The increase in the number of vehicles that pass through and...

  7. Case study
    13 September 2010

    Bucharest employer creates workplace travel plan (Romania)

    1400 reads Collective passenger transport Intermodality Mobility management Leading Romanian software company SIVECO introduced a travel plan for its 650 employees at the beginning of 2008. The key driver...

  8. Case study
    20 March 2012

    I Love Velo: Romania’s first bike sharing scheme

    2369 reads Walking and cycling Romania Bucharest measures- awareness raising measures- campaigns measures- rental services “I love velo” aims to promote bicycle use in Romania. It was launched in March 2010...

  9. Case study
    22 August 2014

    Training for a future of sustainable urban mobility (Romania)

    3342 reads Mobility management Romanian cities face increasing problems caused by transport and traffic. In response, the country is working on urban mobility projects to tackle these issues. In many cases...

  10. Case study
    12 August 2016

    Carpooling in Craiova (Romania)

    5830 reads Urban mobility planning Mobility management Implementation of the CHUMS measures started in the industrial area of Craiova West following a history of carpooling projects that have been...