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  1. Case study
    04 February 2007

    Reducing the reliance of cars in Freiburg (Germany)

    1279 reads Urban mobility planning Traffic and demand management The development of the Vauban residential area highlights good practice in sustainable development with close integration to a high-quality...

  2. Case study
    08 July 2008

    Transporting cargo by e-bike in Berlin (Germany)

    1311 reads Walking and cycling Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Urban freight/city logistics Germany Berlin drive train – electric drive train – energy storage fuels – electric energy conventional...

  3. Case study
    08 September 2011

    How Leipzig tripled the number of cyclists in 20 years (Germany)

    806 reads Walking and cycling The city of Leipzig in Germany has tripled the number of cyclists in the past 20 years. The key to this success were large-scale infrastructure development, a change in people&...

  4. Case study
    12 June 2012

    Testing alternative refrigerants in car air-conditioning systems (Germany)

    2322 reads Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Carbon dioxide, often seen as a highly climate-damaging gas, is being used to air-condition cars as an alternative refrigerant to the fluorinated gas R134a,...

  5. Case study
    18 October 2012

    Online commuter carpooling network in Saxony (Germany)

    2055 reads Collective passenger transport Mobility management Germany Saxony measures- car pooling Marketing strategies / branding measures- mobility managment services MM for cities & Regions With a...

  6. Case study
    10 December 2012

    Increasing cycling in Munich through marketing campaigns (Germany)

    1415 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Germany Munich measures- awareness raising measures- campaigns Marketing strategies / branding measures- games / competitions MM for cities & Regions...

  7. Case study
    18 December 2012

    Encouraging pupils to stay on their bikes in Munich (Germany)

    881 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management In the framework of the EU project SEGMENT, the city of Munich used the 'life-changing moment' of school pupils to try and change their mobility...

  8. Case study
    18 December 2012

    Encouraging migrants to travel sustainably in Munich (Germany)

    779 reads Mobility management Germany Munich measures- awareness raising MM for cities & Regions MM for residential sites personalised travel planning The SEGMENT project addressed persons with life...

  9. Case study
    17 January 2007

    On-street package collection and delivery stations in Germany

    2198 reads Urban freight/city logistics Germany Country-wide ITS solutions last-mile solutions (to customer) nearby delivery areas Package design The PackStation is an unattended delivery location at...

  10. Case study
    16 April 2007

    Incentivising the purchase of cleaner buses in Frankfurt (Germany)

    1453 reads Collective passenger transport Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Germany Frankfurt procurement financing reduction – greenhouse gases reduction- noise vehicle- procurement incentives The City...