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  1. Case study
    26 September 2012

    Promoting cycling over company cars in Turku (Finland)

    1287 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Valonia, the Service Centre for Sustainable Development and Energy of Southwest Finland, launched a campaign called Työpyöräile (Bike at Work) in 2012 to...

  2. Case study
    10 January 2013

    Strengthening Finland's cycling community online

    826 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Finland National measures- mapping / routing planning- safety and security measures- mobility managment services MM for cities & Regions Fillaristit is...

  3. Case study
    14 January 2013

    Motivating residents to travel sustainably in Helsinki (Finland)

    897 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management The 'Kävellen kauppaan, pyörällä postiin' (Walk to shop, bike to post office) project was seeking new ways to improve the quality of life in the...

  4. Case study
    23 April 2013

    Baana: Helsinki's walking and cycling corridor (Finland)

    1871 reads Walking and cycling Finland Baana is a new pathway for pedestrians and cyclists in Helsinki, leading from the Western Harbour area to Kamppi and the Töölö Bay. Baana is built into a corridor...

  5. Case study
    21 May 2015

    Finland's innovative drive towards a single multi-modal transport service package

    3725 reads Intermodality Finland is developing and piloting the world’s first door-to-door mobility service. Supported by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, and the Ministry of Transport and...

  6. Case study
    04 August 2015

    Improving Turku’s bus network through an innovative ITS (Finland)

    2426 reads Intermodality Traffic and demand management Turku wants to realise its vision as a city of walking, cycling and public transport. It has set ambitious targets, including the significant reduction...