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  1. Case study
    11 April 2006

    Inspiring children to travel to school sustainably (Belgium)

    553 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Belgium Flanders Region measures- campaigns measures- awareness raising MM for schools The campaign 'Safe and Environment Friendly to School'...

  2. Case study
    18 July 2006

    Boosting fitness through walking and cycling in Weiz (Austria)

    408 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Austria Weiz campaigns (large scale) Marketing strategies / branding measures- connection with health effects A Mobility- Health- Land Use Program has been...

  3. Case study
    05 September 2006

    Testing fuel-cell buses in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

    992 reads Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Since 2003, 27 fuel-cell-powered buses were tested in nine European cities as part of the European Clean Urban Transport for Europe (CUTE)  project. Three of...

  4. Case study
    09 October 2006

    How citizen pressure improved and expanded Budapest's night-bus service (Hungary)

    981 reads Collective passenger transport Budapest’s public transport authority, Budapesti Közlekedési Vállalat (BKV), rolled out an expanded night-bus service in the fall of 2005. This has doubled overnight...

  5. Case study
    15 January 2007

    OV-fiets: Public bicycles in the Netherlands

    7934 reads Walking and cycling Netherlands Country wide measures- rental services user groups- commuters OV Fiets is a pilot project in the Netherlands that started in 2002, aiming at making the bicycle a...

  6. Case study
    04 February 2007

    Reducing the reliance of cars in Freiburg (Germany)

    1279 reads Urban mobility planning Traffic and demand management The development of the Vauban residential area highlights good practice in sustainable development with close integration to a high-quality...

  7. Case study
    09 July 2007

    Barcelona's green parking scheme (Spain)

    558 reads Traffic and demand management Since 2005 city centre parking in Barcelona has been restricted by a zonal parking scheme. Southern Europe Barcelona (like many other European cities) has experienced...

  8. Case study
    19 September 2007

    Delivering goods by cargo tram in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

    5267 reads Urban freight/city logistics Netherlands Amsterdam Alternative fuel vehicles last-mile solutions (to customer) multimodal transport From 7-31 March 2007, CityCargo Amsterdam held a pilot project...

  9. Case study
    05 November 2007

    Controlled vehicle access in Valletta (Malta)

    672 reads Traffic and demand management Malta Valletta automatic number plate recognition exemptions from demand management road pricing- congestion charge road pricing- cordon charge traffic control...

  10. Case study
    11 February 2008

    Edinburgh's successful Park-and-ride initiative (UK)

    1801 reads Collective passenger transport Traffic and demand management Like many 21st century cities Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, has growing inner-city traffic congestion problems. Through its transport...