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    14 December 2010

    Urban Mobility India: Transport for London Shares Success Stories

    1010 reads Good political leadership, a clear funding strategy and recognition of transport as part of a city’s economic development is key to improving mobility in a city, said Peter Hendy, commissioner of...

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    21 December 2010

    Solar energy: A realistic option for transport?

    803 reads As the Cancun talks progress, individuals, companies and governments around the globe continue to apply creative technologies to reduce the use of fossil fuels. While researchers explore renewable...

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    24 December 2010

    Eco-friendly car sharing service at regional rail stations in Lombardy (Italy)

    507 reads The pilot project “E-vai” started in December 2010, and provides 20 shared electric cars available for people arriving at the Cadorna railway station in Milan. The pilot project “E-vai” started in...

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    05 January 2011

    First public hydrogen filling station in the Netherlands

    644 reads The first public hydrogen filling station has opened in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The hydrogen tank unit is part of the HyMove project. The first public hydrogen filling station has opened in...

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    13 January 2011

    Revenge of the Electric Car

    525 reads In 2006, as many as 5,000 modern electric cars were destroyed by the major car companies that built them. Today, less than 5 years later, the electric car is back... with a vengeance. A new film...

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    17 January 2011

    London Safety Camera Partnership website wins international road safety award (UK)

    roads. More information: Transport for London Source: Transport for London News centre United Kingdom ...

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    26 January 2011

    2011 is the Year of the Carrier bike in Ghent (Belgium)

    479 reads MaxMobiel and Ghent based environmental organization Gents Milieufront are planning a new campaign to boost the popularity of carrier bikes.. MaxMobiel and Ghent based environmental organization ...

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    20 January 2011

    Biofuels: Commission adopts Report on indirect land use change

    287 reads On 22 December 2010, the Commission published a report on indirect land use change related to biofuels and bioliquids. The report acknowledges that indirect land use change can reduce greenhouse...

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    20 January 2011

    New passengers rights in the 2011 edition of Europe and You

    290 reads The new passengers rights are among the 10 key actions undertaken by the EU in 2010 and published in this year's new edition of Europe and You: a snapshot of EU achievements, available in...

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    11 February 2011

    4 new cities join the Cities for Cyclists network

    356 reads The cities of Ferrara (Italy), Ghent (Belgium), Winterthur (Switzerland) and Vienna (Austria) have joined the Cities for Cyclists network. The European Cyclists' Federation relaunched Cities...