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    09 March 2011

    Mobility concept Light Car Sharing to be presented in Geneva (Switzerland)

    473 reads EDAG will present 'Light Car Sharing', an electric car designed for car sharing, at the International Motorshow Geneva on 3rd-13th March 2011. Instead of buying a vehicle, the service of...

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    24 July 2012

    An electric refrigerated truck for urban distribution (Switzerland)

    1910 reads Renault Trucks and Nestlé Switzerland are making a joint statement in favour of cleaner transport in the regions of Zürich and Lausanne. Nestlé Switzerland and Renault Trucks are to launch an...

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    31 July 2012

    ‘Bike to Work’ scheme ends with record number of participants (Switzerland)

    723 reads The Swiss Bike to Work campaign ended successfully at the end of June. Never before have so many companies participated as in 2012. More and more companies in Switzerland are encouraging their...

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    21 August 2012

    Supercap tram in service in Geneva (Switzerland)

    788 reads The first supercap tram from Stadler Rail has been successfully operating for the Geneva transport company TPG since early July. The supercap energy-saving system allows braking energy to be...

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    16 October 2012

    Biofuels worse than oil in some respects (Switzerland)

    905 reads A new study from Switzerland's Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) shows that biofuels are better than gasoline or diesel when it comes to greenhouse gas...

  6. News
    20 March 2013

    Volvo reveals world-first Cyclist Detection with full auto brake (Switzerland)

    2096 reads At a press conference in Geneva, Volvo Car Group introduced a groundbreaking safety feature- technology that detects and automatically brakes for cyclists swerving out in front of the car. The...

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    23 October 2013

    Geneva tests ultra-quick charging electric bus (Switzerland)

    4789 reads In Geneva, an all-electric articulated bus that charges within 15 seconds by ‘flash charging’ at bus stops is currently in operation. The bus, which requires no overhead wires, is charged by...

  8. News
    18 November 2013

    World‘s first Euro VI articulated hybrid bus tested in Lucerne (Switzerland)

    1406 reads Passengers give glowing reports as noise and emissions are reduced. The City of Lucerne (Switzerland) is testing the world’s first Euro VI articulated hybrid bus from Volvo. After 100 days in...

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    22 November 2013

    Cyclists have right of way in Basel (Switzerland)

    1216 reads Basel wants to become the most cyclist-friendly city in Switzerland. The city is now testing a priority scheme that allows cyclists to turn right at a red traffic light at selected crossroads....

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    26 February 2014

    Zurich plans to make walking the primary mobility mode (Switzerland)

    3569 reads Through redevelopment of its infrastructure and implementation of its pedestrian traffic strategy, Zurich, Switzerland's largest city, aims to increase the already large number of those who...