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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. News
    06 January 2021

    SUMP is coming to Hungary – new Hungarian translation now available

    302 reads By first publishing in English, the 2nd edition of the SUMP Guidelines was made available to cities worldwide. Meanwhile, many national institutions have been working to translate the SUMP...

  2. News
    24 November 2020

    Difficulties and advantages of the lockdown – as seen by the employees

    42 reads Companies in Szeged reacted quickly to the challenges imposed by the pandemic situation- and subsequent lockdown. In a previous article, the SASMOB project reported on the introduction of working...

  3. News
    03 September 2020

    Hungary launches Green Bus Programme

    32 de afişări Hungary is to replace half of the conventional bus fleet in its largest cities with low carbon emission electric buses in the next ten years. This is the objective of a Green Bus Programme...

  4. News
    21 August 2020

    Both employers and employees adjusted well during the lockdown

    34 reads Companies in Szeged reacted quickly to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and subsequent lockdown measures. Several IT companies had already introduced the home office to their workers...

  5. News
    16 July 2020

    SASMOB collects traffic data in Szeged – and shows the impacts of COVID on mobility

    35 peržiūros As part of the SASMOB project, the City of Szeged – a CIVITAS Award-recognised champion of sustainable mobility in Hungary – is working on an intelligent data-driven municipal response system,...

  6. Case study
    11 September 2019
  7. Case study
    10 September 2019
  8. News
    17 December 2019

    SASMob surveys reveal patterns of workplace mobility

    41 εμφανίσεις The City of Szeged – a CIVITAS Award-recognised champion of sustainable mobility in Hungary has initiated an alliance on workplace mobility with major employers under the SASMob project. The...

  9. News
    17 September 2019

    Bucharest plans to restrict most polluting cars in 2020

    412 reads The Mayor of Bucharest, Gabriela Firea, has announced a project which plans to severely restrict access to central Bucharest for polluting cars. The project plans to introduce a tax on cars...

  10. Event
    12 November 2019

    INNORAIL 2019

    101 reads Language English Development for the rail industry INNORAIL aims to analyse the current challenges facing the rail industry, and develop responses to ensure the industry is fit for the future. A...