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  1. Case study
    10 June 2013

    Park and Ride in Warsaw. Poland

    1193 reads Collective passenger transport Intermodality Poland Warsaw measures- park & ride Park and Ride (P+R) System allows drivers to park their vehicles for free, if they have a valid daily, 3-day,...

  2. Case study
    23 May 2008

    Tele-bus: Demand-Responsive Transport Service. Krakow

    374 reads Collective passenger transport Intermodality Poland Kraków measures- demand responsive services measures- shuttle / feeder bus planning- scheduling planning- service integration In 2005 with the...

  3. Case study
    25 June 2008

    Gdansk City Transport Project (Poland)

    895 reads Collective passenger transport Traffic and demand management Intermodality Poland Gdańsk planning- network design planning- service integration networks and interchanges With sustainable transport...

  4. Case study
    15 July 2008

    Development of cycling network in Gdansk (Poland)

    509 reads Intermodality Walking and cycling Poland Gdańsk Gdansk is a leading city in Poland for cycling. The city authorities are working to build a comprehensive network of cycleways by continuing to...

  5. News
    21 January 2011

    Gdynia modernises bus fleet (Poland)

    304 reads The transportation company of Gdynia has purchased 4 new environmentally friendly articulated buses powered by compressed natural gas. The transportation company of Gdynia has purchased 4 new...

  6. News
    04 November 2011

    First Park and Ride construction in Wroclaw will start next year (Poland)

    575 reads Citizens of Wroclaw who live in Psie Pole, one of the furthest housing estates from the town centre, will receive parking spaces for cars and bicycles to encourage them to use the train for...

  7. News
    29 November 2011

    Single-track vehicles can use the bus lanes in Warsaw (Poland)

    776 reads The Polish capital is the first town in the country to allow bicycles and other single-track vehicles to travel in the bus lane. The first section has opened, but more is yet to come. The overall...

  8. News
    02 April 2012

    Polish town of Lodz is starting the urban complex train project (Poland)

    281 reads A project which will see Lodz’s train transportation system cover the town itself and the surrounding towns has just been launched. The call for the tender is on. 20 new rail buses will be...

  9. News
    07 June 2012

    Single ticket for train and bus in Warsaw (Poland)

    747 reads The authorities of Warsaw will introduce the ‘Warsaw Ticket’, which enables train passengers to use public transport in the city for free for 60 minutes after arrival or departure of their train....

  10. News
    06 June 2012

    Modern interchange at the historic railway station in Swidnica (Poland)

    413 reads Building an interchange centre was a priority task for the city of Swidnica in southwestern Poland. The construction of the interchange has been ongoing for two years but the principal works on...