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  1. Case study
    07 March 2007

    City of Krakow wins European Road Safety Award (Poland)

    539 reads Traffic and demand management Urban mobility planning Mobility management Poland Kraków access management building permits Planning legislation street layout /.design sustainable urban mobility...

  2. Case study
    21 January 2008

    Innovative parking solutions: Poznan. Poland

    813 reads Traffic and demand management Poland Poznan parking charging parking management traffic control management Faced with increasing numbers of cars entering and parking in the city centre, and the...

  3. Case study
    14 November 2011

    Traffic lights countdown meters in Wroclaw. Poland

    591 reads Traffic and demand management Poland Wroclaw Wroclaw is already one of the largest towns in Poland and is rapidly growing. To improve its traffic flow, some 119 countdown traffic lights were...

  4. Case study
    21 November 2011

    Wroclaw has introduced an electronic chip city card called URBANCARD (Poland)

    1443 reads Traffic and demand management Poland Wroclaw URBANCARD is a modern chip card that has been used in Wroclaw since May 2010. The card replaced traditional paper period cards. It is personalised, so...

  5. Case study
    04 February 2013

    Solar-powered road signs in Halinów (Poland)

    1092 reads Walking and cycling Traffic and demand management The town of Halinów, located on an important European transport route, has installed a road sign warning of a pedestrian crossing which is...

  6. Case study
    05 June 2013

    Integrated Traffic Management System in Warsaw

    2463 reads Traffic and demand management Poland Warsaw traffic control management The Integrated Traffic Management System is an electronic system used by the Roads Authority in Warsaw to support mobility...

  7. Case study
    13 May 2014

    Offering free public transport to car drivers in Nysa (Poland)

    2393 reads Collective passenger transport Mobility management Traffic and demand management Widespread car-use and a constantly congested city centre in Nysa led it to develop a revolutionary programme...

  8. Case study
    01 January 1971

    Korkonet- the first website offering real-time CCTV scans of traffic in Poland

    823 reads Traffic and demand management Poland Warsaw Korkonet (eng. bottleneck-net)- providing information on road traffic conditions on main arterials of the capital city of Warsaw by real-time CCTV scans...

  9. Case study
    15 January 2008

    Motocycle in a duty of Warsaw Tramways’ traffic supervision

    259 reads Traffic and demand management Poland Warsaw New motorcycle of improves of tram traffic supervision work: speeds up the first aid and improves traffic management during accidents. Background &...

  10. Case study
    25 June 2008

    Gdansk City Transport Project (Poland)

    895 reads Collective passenger transport Traffic and demand management Intermodality Poland Gdańsk planning- network design planning- service integration networks and interchanges With sustainable transport...