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  1. Video
    05 June 2014

    Tele-bus: Demand-Responsive Transport Service

    4354 reads Poland Kraków Other MPK Krakow Collective passenger transport ...

  2. Case study
    13 May 2008

    SELS (Studencka Elektroniczna Legitymacja Studencka- Electronic Student ID Card). Poznan. Poland

    1316 reads Collective passenger transport Poland Poznan To ease the burden on students, who are required to carry amongst other things, student ID, library, and cash-cards, as well as travel passes, a new...

  3. Case study
    19 June 2009

    Clean high mobility corridor in Krakow/Poland

    1881 reads Collective passenger transport Poland Kraków Integrated policies for clean vehicle use, passenger security, ticketing, institutional innovation, new flexible services aimed at bridging the gap...

  4. Case study
    26 August 2009

    Tele-bus: Demand-Responsive Transport Service Update

    854 reads Collective passenger transport Poland Katowice The main objective of demand-responsive transport (DRT) in Krakow was to better serve passengers by giving them more personalised service that could...

  5. Case study
    27 September 2011

    Fast Tram tunnel- the underground transportation system in Krakow (Poland)

    2092 reads Collective passenger transport Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Poland Kraków fuels – electric energy conventional In 2008 the Krakow Fast Tram began operating in a tunnel under the city...

  6. Case study
    19 November 2011

    On-board ticket machines on public transport in Wroclaw (Poland)

    2526 reads Collective passenger transport Poland Wroclaw Since the beginning of 2010 the Polish Mint has been installing ticket machines on Wroclaw’s public transport fleet. The aim was to make buying...

  7. Case study
    03 December 2011

    Offering free public transport for large families in Gdańsk (Poland)

    582 reads Collective passenger transport Mobility management Poland Gdańsk In February 2011 a special discount card for families with numerous children was introduced in Gdansk. Families with 3 children or...

  8. Case study
    07 January 2012

    Intelligent buses in Bielsko-Biala (Poland)

    967 reads Collective passenger transport Poland Bielsko-Bia_a Since 2010 the Polish city of Bielsko-Biala has been implementing a project of improvement of public transport service quality. The city bus...

  9. Case study
    19 February 2012

    CCTV monitoring system on public transport in Lodz (Poland)

    1990 reads Collective passenger transport Poland_ód_ The main public transport operator in Lodz has signed a contract for the installation of CCTV monitoring systems on vehicles, at stops and terminals. The...

  10. Case study
    06 March 2012

    Revolutionised public transport with dedicated bus-tram-lane in Warsaw. Poland

    802 reads Collective passenger transport Poland Warsaw measures- bus lanes In 2007 the authorities of Warsaw, the capital of Poland introduced a dedicated tram lane in a part of one of the main arteries of...